1. The Benedetto Mazzacurati International Cello Competition will be held from September 27 to October 8, 2019. All preliminary rounds will take place in Turin in the Concert Hall of the “G.Verdi” Conservatoire of Turin, via Mazzini 11. The final round will be held in Turin in the RAI Concert Hall.

2. The competition is open to cellists of all nationalities who were born after September 1, 1988

3. Final date for entrance applications is April 20, 2019. Applications must be sent no later than this date to the dedicated area of our website: Forms must be fully completed, signed and accompanied by an official receipt proving payment of the entrance fee of € 120 and by two recent photos.
For any further information please write to:
Payment of the entry fee must be effected by bank-transfer to:
Conservatorio “G.Verdi” via Mazzini 11 – Torino.
Entrance Fee: Concorso Mazzacurati. Banca Cariparma SpA
IBAN: IT15I0623001001000041027504 BIC: CRPPIT2P120
Entrance fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Contestants must indicate on the application form their complete programme for all 3 rounds of the Competition, together with the exact duration of each piece and the youtube or vimeo link to the video they are submitting. Any candidate who has completed the entrance procedure but no longer intends to participate in the Competition must inform the competition offices as early as possible.

4. Contestants admitted to the Benedetto Mazzacurati International Cello Competition must comply with the competition rules and with the decisions of the Jury, which are final and not subject to question, review or appeal. Failure to do so will result in the candidate’s elimination from the Competition. In the event of complaint or dispute, only the Italian text of the Competition regulations will be considered valid.

5. Contestants must be present for the roll call at the Conservatorio “G.Verdi” Via Mazzini 11 Turin on September 26, 2019 from 9.00 am. to 7.00 pm., and must present proof of identity (failure to do so will result in their elimination from the Competition), and one copy of all the scores of the music in their programme in the edition they intend to use. In the case of late arrival, if late-comers can prove that their delay is due to health or family reasons, or any other reason beyond their control, and if the 1st round has not yet begun, the Artistic Director and the Jury may decide to admit the late-comer to the 1st round, their decision being final and not open to question. The contestant so admitted will occupy the last place in the order of performance fixed in accordance with article 6 below and will continue to maintain this position in the order of performance for as long as he/she remains in the Competition.

6. The order in which the contestants will perform is determined by a random draw and each contestant will adhere to this order throughout the first three rounds. In the final round with the Rai orchestra the order may be changed for organizational reasons.

7. Contestants admitted to the Competition who, for any reason whatsoever, fail to comply with all the requirements of these regulations will immediately lose any rights in connection with the Competition and any claim for compensation.

8. Contestants admitted to the Competition must make themselves available for the entire duration of the contest.

9. The Competition will provide an accompanying pianist for all competitors, who must stipulate on the application form if they will require a pianist. The Competition Office will establish a practice schedule beginning from the first day of the semi-final. If they wish, competitors may choose to play with their own piano accompanist (at their own expense). The pianists will be MM°:
Federico Bosco-Monica Cattarossi-Giorgia Delorenzi-Valentina Messa-Stefano Musso-Andrea Steffenel-Sandro Zanchi

10. Free half-board accommodation (single room) will be provided for all contestants admitted to the 2nd round, for the entire time they remain in the competition.


11. If they consider it necessary, the jury may, at their discretion: interrupt contestants during any stage of their performance, request a partial performance of the programme presented, or ask to hear them perform again.

12. The Benedetto Mazzacurati International Cello Competition will consist of an elimination round based on videos, a semi-final and two final rounds with orchestra. Each round is open to the public and may be broadcast by live streaming, over which the competitors exercise no rights.

13. All pieces performed must be published works. Contestants must play from memory. A sonata played in the elimination round video may be presented again in the semi-final.

14. All winners must participate in the prize-giving ceremony; otherwise they will lose the right to the prize they have been awarded.


15. The Members of the Jury are:Enrico Dindo, President-Ernesto Schiavi, Artistic Director of the Nazional Radio Symphony Orchestra,Torino- Asier Polo, Giovanni Sollima,Jens Peter Maintz,Frans Helmersonand Marco Zuccarini, Director of the Turin Conservatoire. The members of the jury are appointed by the Artistic Directors of the Competition. A Secretary appointed by the Artistic Directors of the Competition will be present to assist the jury in all its proceedings.

16. Participation in the work of the jury implies acceptance of the Competition regulations. Members of the jury are barred from voting on, or taking part in any discussion relevant to, contestants to whom they are related or whom they have taught during the two years preceding the Competition. At the opening of the Competition, each Jury member must provide a declaration of their personal relationship with each contestant as indicated above. (“Gazzetta Ufficiale” suppl. 20/1/95, no.16, art. 15/2c). Where a jury member, for any reason whatsoever, is unable to hear the whole performance of any one contestant in any round, he/she must abstain from voting on all of the contestants admitted to the same round.

17. All jury decisions are final and will be recorded in writing by the Jury Secretary.

18. All rights to Competition performances, recording or filming belong to the Benedetto Mazzacurati Competition management; the performers have no right to payment or compensation of any kind for recordings or radio and television broadcasts of the performances.


First Prize
€ 12000: First Prize Certificate
Unione Musicale di Torino
Accademia Internazionale di Pinerolo
Accademia Filarmonica Romana-Rome
Fondazione Musica Insieme Bologna
Orchestra Sinfonica di San Remo
CIDIM for the best  italian finalist
Cello platform offered by Vox Lion Trento

Second Prize
€ 7000: Second Prize Certificate

Third Prize
€ 3000: Third Prize Certificate

Special Prizes
€ 1000 will be awarded to the youngest Italian semi-finalist by the De Sono Association, in memory of Giovanni Camerana
Audience prize: 1 iPad

Prize for the best performance of Mazzacurati: € 500

Prize for the best performance of the concerto, decided by RAI Orchestra: €500

All finalists will receive a certificate. Participants in the preliminary final who do not advance to the final may be issued a certificate upon request.
N.B. – The Artistic Directors reserve the right to effect any changes they deem necessary to the current competition regulations and organization. They are in no way responsible for the contracts, organization or possible cancellation of the concerts offered to prize-winners.

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